How is everyone doing out there !?! Such uncertain and sad times, and we’re over here wondering (along with everyone else) how long is this going to last? This causes us to re~think our priorities, and to focus on the things that matter most. We sincerely hope all our guests are healthy. We know this will pass and we are hopeful because we are all in this together. We just wanted to update our guests about the rescheduling of our supper dates and to let you all know that we are still saving your seats until 2021, Since we have a non refundable ticket policy. We will release dates as soon as we are in the clear! We miss our fun suppers and all the great people we meet! We are looking forward to getting back to our farms and serving up our creative 5 course suppers! We will connect with you and keep you updated as we get closer to being cleared to have our fun suppers!


Please be patient and Thank you for your understanding in Advance.






Photo Credit: Kyle Constanzi Photography


The Rooted Affair is a unique farm to table gathering

offering farm fresh food from our local purveyors 

It could be nestled in the heart of Chesterfield NJ,

a flower farm, winery or unexpected place in a

picturesque setting with natural beauty .

Experience our farm to table gatherings,

 in unexpected places!


Tickets for our events will only be available

through our website. We will release dates

shortly so be sure to stay connected through our

mailing list, website and social media throughout the

year for updates and new events added to our

2021 calendar.


Photo Credit: Kyle Constanzi Photography

Photo Credit: Kyle Constanzi Photography

O U R  F O O D  B E L I E F S

Food is important to us and should be to you too.

We believe food is a basic human right...

you should know where it comes from.  


It traces back to our roots, the generations before us, that grew their own food and fed their entire families.


Our belief is that changes need to be made

at the community level, which is ho​w 

"The Rooted Affair" was born. ​


Two people wanting to make a difference, 

an idea, some land, and most importantly, the farmers...


We see how greenhouses can feed urban communities without grocery stores. How organic waste can be turned

into fresh soil. How farm-raised fish, fruits, and vegetables can replace hamburgers and fries as an all-American meal.

Healthy food shouldn't be reserved for a privileged few. 

All the while the fast food and agribusiness earn 

large profits, while shifting even larger costs at the

expense of everyone else, sick and impoverished. 

It favors the powerful and well connected.

We have no choice but to seek a

better model for generations to come.


Let's face it..our food system is broken.

What's gone wrong can be reversed.

We understand that the health of people, livestock 

and land cannot be separated from one another.

We want to take action and make the new system

diverse and resilient starting with our own community. 

Our next generation will be fitter, wiser, and more compassionate then the last one.

You can learn about, taste & smell all the local food

our farmers will provide at our gatherings. 

Our award winning chef will create his menu

based on the seasons harvest.

Explore our events page and join us! 


The Rooted Affair

Phone: 215-803-6063

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Photo Credit: Develop Love Photography by Tracey