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Chef Vincent Scott has been involved in the food service industry for more than 25 years. With all his diverse experience in various arenas in the culinary industry, he has decided to use that to start a vegan catering business called Nu-Ankh Vegan Soul Catering. He has a passion for making flavorful plant-based food to share with others, seeing as though it has changed his life for the better.


Taking all his culinary knowledge and influence from various styles of cooking, Chef Vincent has decided to create a modern and flavorful twist on the flavors that many are accustomed to being traditional soul food flavors.
He made these culinary creations all from plant-based ingredients.


Sacrificing no flavor, all recipes are cooked with local, garden fresh, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Our mission is to change people’s perception of healthy foods and healthy eating one plate a time.


His culinary journey watching his mother, a North Carolina native, cook hot, delicious meals every day while he was growing up. He was intrigued by the fact that with all the recipe books she collected, she rarely read through any of them.

After all the trials, errors, mishaps and a patient mother, Chef V began to set out on a road to creating new taste, flavors, and combinations that are simply unparalleled. .


The common denominator is the same throughout this industry—and that is people! People not only make the world go ‘round; they make flavor go ‘round.

Janene Puca, owner of The Rooted Affair has had over 30 years in the Wedding and Event floral industry. She decided to set down her florist’s knife for weddings, but still looks forward to The Philadelphia Flower Show, her fifth year, Award winning ever year. " I get to express my creativity working with flowers at the show, it's my vision" It’s been a great ride and I have absolutely no regrets.

I’m very excited by the new pursuits, I’m finding myself in these days, and the adventure of The Rooted Affair, uniting community with local farmers has me thrilled and it's exciting to see how many guests enjoy our Rooted Affair experiences. Onward and upward as we dig our roots! 





Cody at Drop the Beet Farms grows aquaponic produce that is soil-free, synthetic-free, herbicide-free, and sustainably fertilized by fish.

Our 15,000 gal Aquaponics farm grows premium produce year-round. Farm Memberships, tours, and fresh-picked ordering

Learn more about "Drop the Beet" Farms here!

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Photo Credit: Kyle Constanzi Photography

Gabe Siciliano of Abe's Acres in Hightstown, NJ is a generational farmer, as his Great Grandfather aquired 276 acres during the new deal. He continues farming on the land offering a variety of herbs and produce. He also has a variety of products like salsa and tomato sauce that are harvested and made at the height of the season using vegetables from their farm,that are grown sustainably and without chemicals.

                     Hidden Spring Lavender Farm 

Our first Lavender Fields were planted almost 8 years years ago and are flourishing and producing lots of blooms for us.  We have planted a variety of Lavender types to suit many individuals.  Whether it be for Bouquets, Buds, Oil or Culinary, we can offer it.  We harvest our lavender at the time when there is the most oil in the buds.  Our oil lavender is then distilled the same day it is harvested and the other varieties are banded and hung to dry in a climate controlled area for quick drying.  This holds the oil in the buds and keeps it color longer.  Therefore, the lavender you get in your product is top quality and will last a long time. All of our Products are made with 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil and Lavender grown right here in Skillman, NJ.  Our Original Buena Bears, (tm), will melt your heart.  They are soft and plush and named after the Lavender that fills their tummy (Buena Vista).  Each one of these Bears is hand made with care for you to enjoy and are completely safe for all ages.  Just one squeeze and you will want one.  We also offer many Lotions, Creams, Moisturizers, Hand Soap, Bath and Body items, Aromatherapy items, SachetsNeck PillowsDream PillowsEye PillowsEssential Oil, Arrangements, Lavender Wreaths, Dried Lavender, Gift Baskets, along with a Culinary selection of items and so much more.   All of our products are original and designed right here by us and hand made with love and care on our farm.  One step into our Shoppe and you won't want to leave.

Cherry Grove Farm is a diversified, sustainable dairy farm and creamery situated on 480 acres of woodland, wetland and pasture in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, making award-winning farmstead cheeses from our grass-fed raw cows’ milk. Our cheeses are made in small batches and aged on the farm, with attention paid to the craft of artisanal cheesemaking. Each piece reflects the distinct flavors, aromas and seasonal variations of our unique terroir. Developed from classic European recipes, our cheeses are American originals.

As part of our sustainable ecosystem, we also raise a small number of heritage breed pigs, lambs, chickens and beef cattle, producing grass- and whey-fed meats, raised without hormones, antibiotics or steroids.

By raising a variety of animals we use our resources more efficiently, creating a farm that is sustainable not only in production, but also as a business. With this ethos comes a commitment to the long term health of our land. We believe in building from the soil up, working every day to ensure that our organically certified pastures are nourished and thriving. If we take care of the land, the land will sustain us.



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Photo Credit: Develop Love Photography by Tracey