It was a great evening.   Food,  entertainment, adorable  animals & nice people.   Thank you for all your hard work!  

Sincerely,   Connie Rossi

Had a wonderful time! Great food and met many nice folks would recommend ! The live band was great! Thanks for good memories 


Donna Gesumaria 

Thank you again for a fantastic evening, last night.    It's the first farm to table we've ever attended and it was so much fun.  The food was amazing, and you certainly seemed cool (well, relatively!), calm, and collected.   


Everything was perfect and we loved the "table for two"  Lol.    Thank you again for all of your hard work.  It paid off!

Toni Hoffman

Dear The Rooted Affair Team,


My group cannot say enough good things about the Lavender Fields Forever event.  Despite the brief interruption by Mother Nature, it was a very special day, provided by a very talented team!!


The farm was lovely and my niece could not get enough of the lovable horses and alpacas.


Seeing one of the few remaining timber framing barns in New Jersey was a treat, as well was the beautiful fields of lavender.


Although the wind and rain hampered Chef Barry Sexton, he and his team were able to serve his first course almost on time.  This was no small feat seeing as there were almost 200 people there.  In my opinion, Chef Barry should have his own show on The Cooking Channel.  He is a talented chef with a fantastic personality to match.  With the setbacks from the weather, he was undeterred and took the time to explain each course in detail, and also took time to meet many of the guests and take photos with them.


I for one will be attending many more of the events held by The Rooted Affair, and highly recommend that if you have not been to one you attend an event soon.  You will not be disappointed!!




David A. Aust, CPA

The Rooted Affair

Phone: 215-803-6063

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Photo Credit: Develop Love Photography by Tracey